General Purpose Tips

The general purpose needles are available in lengths of 6.35 mm, 12.7 mm, 25.4 mm and 38.1 mm with internal diameters of 1,54 mm to 0,10 mm.

PTFE tips

These needles are recommended for depositing low viscosity fluids.

Tapered Tips

These needles have been designed for rapid and regular application of medium to high viscosity fluids or particulate-laden products.

Angled Tips

Angled stainless steel tips are available in 45° and 90° bends.

Flexible Tips

The polypropylene cannulas can be cut to the desired length and allow access to areas that are difficult to access.

Oval Tips

These needles allow you to remove pasty products such as mastics and epoxies in flat cords.

Precision tips

The conical shape of the precision needles allows the fluid to flow more easily, with very small and progressive pressure drops.

Brush Tips

Also known as brush needles, these needles allow us to deposit glues and / or greases in hard or soft bristles and for large or small flows.