UV Spot Curing Omnicure

Omnicure S1500

S1500 Spot UV Curing System provides automated manufacturers with industry leading control, reliability, and high intensity irradiance in a versatile UV mercury lamp system.

Omnicure S2000

The OmniCure® S2000 Spot UV Curing System offers the highest level of process control and consistency with our proprietary, real-time Closed-Loop Feedback technology.

Omnicure LX500 LED

This system is designed with proprietary Intelli-Lamp LED technology that monitors LED head temperature, lifetime data, and automatically maintains optical stability.

How to choose a source for your application ?

  • Mercury vapor lamp
  • Lamp lifetime
  • Diaphragm adjustable in 1% increments
  • Password protection
  • Certified CE
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wavelengths available
  • Patented Intelli-lamp technology
  • External computer control
  • Close Loop Feedback technology
  • Weight
  • S1500
  • 2,000h
  • 320-500nm / 250-450nm / 365nm / 320-390nm / 400-500nm
  • 4,5kg
  • S2000
  • 2,000h
  • 320-500nm / 250-450nm / 365nm / 320-390nm / 400-500nm
  • 4,5kg