The Polymerization of your uv glues

If Poly Dispensing systems chose omnicicus as a partner, it's because the brand is precursor to uv Polymerization for over 30 years. Market leader, omnicicus innovates constantly.

Omnicicum products offer the possibility of working through the point or surfacic sources. With the surface sources, it is possible to insolate a large surface in very little time. The point sources for them are you bring more precision and minutia by insolent small - scale small areas.

There are two technologies to obtain ultraviolet: arc lamps and led lamps.

Thanks to their investments in R&D, the company holds several patents, including the technology "loop feedback, which allows for compensation for the ageing of the lamp to maintain constant intensity. Arc lamps allow to reach a power up to 24,7w/cm ².

Led lamps offer a lifetime of 20 000 0 and allow to reach a power up to 16w/cm ².

In order to be as complete as possible, Omnicure also offers measurement tools in order to maintain a repetitive process. How to choose between arc lamp and LED lamp? Each application is different, so our teams are there to help you choose the technology that's best suited to your polymerization needs. Please contact us.

The products

Omnicure led - eu - iv sources

Drying Systems led uv punctuelle omnicicus.

Omnicure led led uv uv

Drying Systems led uv punctuelle omnicicus.

Calibration tools

Calibration tools for the punctual drying system.

Stylo LED, e-UVpen

Stylo e-UVpen capable de polymériser de manière efficace de nombreux produits qui polymérisent à la lumière UV.