Precidose 1K

Precidose 1K

The Precidose volumetric valve is based on eccentric screw technology, ensuring reproducible dispensing and compatibility with various types of fluid.


The Precidose volumetric valve represents an innovation in volumetric dispensing, using proven technology that compensates for viscosity variations with its progressive cavity pump. This technology guarantees 1% repeatability when dispensing your fluids.

How it works:

The Precidose volumetric valve works by rotating a receiving screw in a pressure-insensitive chamber. It consists of a stainless steel rotor and an elastomer stator, creating a perfectly sealed unit.

Products commonly used :

Oil, silicone, grease, glue, sealants, paint.

  • Perfectly sealed dispensing chamber
  • 1% repeatability
  • Max permissible pressure 7 bar
  • Complete valve and controller unit
  • Programmable speed and quantity

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