Poly Dispensing Systems, the expert in industrial dispensing systems

PDS is a French company that commercialises the most developed and complete range of dispensing equipment on the market. Distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide, its equipment provides numerous users with perfectly adapted solutions, aimed at technically improving their production and reducing costs.
Our speciality is to deposit or dispense a fluid in a precise and repeatable way during the manufacturing process.

Aware of the unstable and variable nature of fluids depending on thermal and hygrometric conditions, we offer you the choice between time pressure and volumetric solutions for each type of application. Convinced that our expertise must be complete, we provide you with the tools to prepare your fluid (mixing and degassing), to dispense (dispensers, consumables, valves) and to cure after dispensing (UV curing).

An efficient national presence

The speed of intervention of our technical salesmen, and the agreements with the main distribution networks of industrial supplies make of POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS a reliable, recognized and present partner by your side.

A validation of your projects

The solutions which we propose are generally validated after demonstration on your place of production. Some of your projects which can require a more particular attention, POLY DISPENSING can beforehand model the application and realize the tests of validation of the considered solutions in its workshops, or to one of its partners.

Quick delivery

You are delivered to your home under 24H thanks to our local stock in France. We transport, condition and deploy the equipment and spare parts you need within hours of your call.

A tailored global service

In partnership with your usual suppliers, manufacturers of adhesives, lubricants, we know how to build a technical solution of its conception up to its development.

This GLOBAL approach releases you from any concern linked to the multiplication of the interlocutors.

Technical advice

Thanks to a real experience in the field of dosage, our sales team is at your disposal to advise you in your choice of dosage equipment according to your technical needs. PDS will provide you with complete and efficient solutions for all your dosing applications.