A full range

In addition to its dosing solutions, PDS offers a wide range of consumables suitable for your equipment. It consists of syringes, pistons, plugs and caps, needle adapters, and needles, all our consumables are certified without silicone and are customisable upon request.

In addition to its standard consumables, PDS offers its consumable range Semco ™, the world's leading manufacturer of dosage cartridge, cartridge, plug and buzzards.

In addition, all consumables of dosage PDS are designed and subject to quality tests to meet industrial standards.

Syringes and systems of cartridges up to the needles, PDS offers the industrialists a complete selection of dosing consumables.

The products

Filipino needles

Available in several types, sizes and materials, the needles of PDS, certified without silicone, prevent air bubbles from being formed for accurate and uniform results.

Syringes of dropping

Pds offers three small syringes, the barredrop volumetric syringes, Opti premium syringes and the Premium Standard syringes.

Pds offers a wide range of pistons. Designed for industrial use, they are certified without silicone and are compatible with all syringes.

Let's plug and hook up

Syringes end caps Opti Premium

The caps and clogs of syringes assure a perfect watertight allowance for pre - filled syringes to save time.

Syringes adapters

Syringes adapter

​ ​

In addition to your systems of time - consuming systems, PDS puts at your disposal 3,5,10 and 30cc adapters. They allow you to connect your syringe to your dose.

Buses for Semco cartridges


Référence for over 50 years in aeronautics, our Semco ® plastic plastic range is available in its entirety.

Cartridges Semco


The semco ® cartridges are strong, with a 50 - year force satisfying the benchmarks and industrial requirements, and are available in a number of sizes, whether or not in the ld or hd.

Spatules Semco

Spatulas Semco

Semco ® plastic spatulas are used to apply, remove, and smooth off the leakproofs and adhesives. They exist in fluorescent for use with low light.

Static mixers

Static mixers

Bi - components are the length of a syringe, but are more complete. They are blowing themselves at the end of the bi - component cartridges.